Fun Size Review: The Love Light (1921)

Mary Pickford stars in this Frances Marion-directed war picture about an Italian woman who falls in love with a shipwrecked American during WWI but everything is not as it seems.

While there is some lovely cinematography, the picture feels like a one- or two-reeler stretched out to feature length for no good reason. Further, Pickford’s character is written in a pretty unappealing manner (clearly not the intention) and any charm comes from Pickford’s performance. The film had no shortage of talent involved but it never quite clicks for me as entertainment.

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.
Mary’s suitor is a German spy and after he dies, some random lady tries to steal her baby… it’s kinda disjointed. But Mary finds love with her old suitor in the end.

Read my full-length review here.

If it were a dessert it would be: Maraschino Cherry and Chocolate Cookies. It may work for some but absolutely not for me.

Availability: The Love Light was released on DVD by Milestone but that edition is out of print. I have not viewed the Film Detective release.


  1. Randy Cox

    I’m pretty certain I have seen The Love Light, but I can’t remember much of the story. Maybe what you say in your review explains that. Thanks for reminding me of it..

  2. Shari Polikoff

    I, too, found it sort of flat and lacking. The romance didn’t seem believable, and there was no chemistry between them.

  3. Scott Lueck

    I do have the Film Detective release of this movie, and the quality is not bad. FD releases seem to be Grapevine Video quality, not perfect but not Alpha, either. A good print doesn’t help the fact that the film itself is so-so, though…

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