Theme Month! January 2019: Reader Requests

It’s time for the annual Reader Requests month here at Movies Silently! A few months ago, I asked readers to submit requests and I have selected five films to review throughout January. This is one of my favorite theme months of any given year.

I think Reader Request events are essential because they help me think outside the box and try out movies that I never would have reviewed otherwise. Or they encourage me to finally take the leap and review films that had been in my to-write-about pile for far too long.

My schedule is set for this month but if you missed the chance to submit a request for this event, please know that I always am ready to listen to suggestions and requests. My goal in selecting films for review generally is to try to maintain as much variety as possible. Big budgets, small budgets, monster film industries, tiny DIY indies. 

Basically, I think everything deserves to be viewed and reviewed, from the corniest little programmer (which can be quite fun if you get into the spirit) to the biggest prestige picture. I’m am all about the democratization of silent film discussions and expanding the “canon” beyond the same 20 pictures.

Long story short: I want to get to just about everything under the sun if I have the time on this green earth but if you speak up for your favorites or draw my attention to something I have never heard of, I am most grateful.

Exception: That creepy, cringey Fox Kiddies version of Aladdin. I also wish I could unsee Brute Island. We all make mistakes. In all fairness to me, I really like Harry Carey.

I hope you will enjoy what’s in store for January!


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