In Which I Unbox Myself: The Complete Kidnapped Program (1917) is on DVD!

Well, now this is a fun little plot twist! I am now unboxing… myself! My crowdfunded DVD of a complete 1917 night at the movies is now available for sale!

I would like the opportunity to thank me for giving me a review copy.

Availability: On sale now at Amazon! Here is the link.

What is it?

A complete 1917 film program released by the legendary Edison motion picture studio. Seven reels in total, it includes a 5-reel feature film and four short films. It was put out as a package deal as family-friendly entertainment that was “guaranteed censor-proof.”

All of the films have been preserved by the Library of Congress for decades and they very kindly assisted me in getting the complete program out on home video and available to the general public for the first time in a century.

This is a rare opportunity to view silent movies EXACTLY as they were seen at the time of release. No guesses, no “we think” or any uncertainty. This is an absolutely authentic 1917 program with 100% less risk of dying in a nitrate fire.

Acclaimed accompanist Ben Model provides a gorgeous piano score and Christopher Bird helped get the films running at the correct speed and added period-correct tints. Here’s a taste of the sound and color:

And, of course, over 300 people backed the Kickstarter to finance this release. It was a true group effort!

Unfortunately, some people were unable to back the project when it launched (but many very generously helped spread the word about it, which was most appreciated). Never fear, if you missed the Kickstarter, you can now buy the DVD!

Here is the purchase link again.

(And if you’ve already watched the program, I would love for you to leave an honest review on Amazon. More reviews mean more visibility.)

The Program


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Director: Alan Crosland
Starring: Raymond McKee, Robert Cain, Joseph Burke

Based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.

In 18th century Scotland, David Balfour (Raymond McKee) sets out to claim his inheritance from his Uncle Ebenezer (Joseph Burke) but the old miser has other ideas and has him kidnapped by brigands. Wanted rebel Alan Breck (Robert Caine) becomes an unlikely friend and ally and the pair set off across Scotland to try to reclaim David’s birthright.

Kidnapped is a fine example of the swashbuckling films that Alan Crosland would helm in the 1920s and can be seen as a direct predecessor of Don Juan and The Beloved Rogue. With enthusiastic performances and clever use of east coast American scenery, Kidnapped is a fine example of a quality 1910s program picture.

Friends, Romans and Leo

Director: Alan Crosland
Starring: Raymond McKee, Juanita Fletcher

A jazzy riff on the popular subject of Roman gladiators, Friends, Romans and Leo also showcases the versatility of the Edison studio’s staff; both director Alan Crosland and actor Raymond McKee also worked on Kidnapped. There are gags aplenty but the real star is Leo, the pantomime lion determined to dine on members of the cast.

Little Red Riding Hood

Fans of silent animation are likely familiar with the silhouette puppetry of Lotte Reiniger but this American production uses live actors in shadow to create a dainty version of the famous fairy tale.

Quaint Provincetown, Cape Cod

“Actualities” or travel scenes were popular with silent film audiences from the beginning and this short film takes the audience on a tour of Cape Cod. It showcases the people, professions and even pets of the area, as well as boats docked in the harbor.

Microscopic Pond Life

Originally released by Edison in 1915, this scientific short film was repurposed for the Conquest Program two years later. It shows assorted microscopic organisms and goes into detail about their eating habits and behavior.

The whole program runs about 90 minutes and is a real time capsule. I absolutely love it (but I am biased) and think it’s a fun educational tool for viewers young and old.

One more time, the DVD is available on Amazon now.

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  1. Kenneth Henderson

    I would love to buy it but it is not up at DeepDiscount. Amazon US won’t ship to Australia as of last July 1 with a dispute with our government who introduced an import tax of 10% on everything from 1c and up(previously free import under A$1000 and no tax on delivery which there is now also, This effects goods on all Amazon sites outside Australia and Amazon does not want to collect this tax and inforward). They have not made it available thru the recently opened Amazon Australia. I got the Ben Model Kinetophone disc via DeepDiscount an ended up getting it for US$10.55 plus delivery because they had a 15% sale off on all titles.
    Thanks Ken

  2. Marie Roget

    It’s finally on Amazon…Hurrah! You’ve already got some well-deserved 5 star reviews over there.

    I’ve shown Kidnapped and Friends, Romans and Leo to so many that have come by for an evening chez Roget. Now they can purchase the whole set including all the shorts online. Will spread the word 😀

  3. amycondit

    Congratulation! I am so impressed with the sound (courtesy of the great Ben Model), tints, titles, and look of the film from your preview reel on YouTube! It looks great and I wish you much success!

  4. Ron

    got from Amazon and Watched last night.Great print and lots of fun Thanks so much for your dedication to the project. Ok any hints as to what is next?

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