Fun Size Review: Dream of a Rarebit Fiend (1906)

A live-action adaptation of Winsor McCay’s trippy comic strip about the perils of consuming too much cheese toast. Director Edwin S. Porter pulls out every trick in his bag to create a mad little short that proved to be a smash hit for Edison.

Wacky, weird and thoroughly American, this film is a great example of the sort of popular entertainment that audiences ate up in the early 1900s. They had good taste back then.

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

Well, the title rather gives it away but it was all a dream.

Read my full-length review here.

If it were a dessert it would be: Flaming Hot Cheetos Tequila. The modern equivalent to the Fiend’s cheese toast and beer feast, I think.

Availability: Released on DVD.


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  1. floodmouse

    No offense, but I find it disturbing there is a thing called “Flaming Hot Cheetohs Tequila.” BTW: Can you make this with “Peatos”? (“Peatos” is something I just found at the grocery store which is basically Cheetohs only made of peas.) Okay, that is a little disturbing too . . .

  2. Marie Roget

    The inspiration for a Flickr rarebit recipe submitted to MS not so very long ago by yours truly…love this amusing little short a lot!

    To make Charlie

    And yes, couldn’t agree more that Flaming Hot Cheetos Tequila sounds too, too hot to handle, although it might prove kinder to the tummy than chowing down on rarebit and Guinness as we did the evening I made it for your contest. Loved the rarebit, but I’m afraid it proved a bit too heavy on the tum-tum to love me back πŸ˜‰

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