Fun Size Review: Spies (1928)

No profession is more cinematic than an agent of espionage and Fritz Lang’s stylish thriller has never been surpassed in flash, dash and sneaky doings. Grand fun, especially if you are a devotee of modern spy pictures and want to see one of the great building blocks of the genre.

The film has a flabby midsection that could induce narcolepsy but it more than makes up for it with a boffo finale. One of Fritz Lang’s more casually watchable silents and thank goodness.

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

The Big Bad is chased to a theater where killer clown antic ensue but he eventually shoots himself in the head as the audience laughs.

If it were a dessert it would be: Death by Chocolate Cake. A crowdpleaser if there ever was one.

Read my full-length review here.

Released on DVD and Bluray.


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  1. Keith S.

    I watched this film recently. It certainly is the foundation stone for subsequent spy stories. It’s surprising how many elements of the 60’s James Bond style romps are in evidence, even Haghi’s base is the prototype of the extinct volcano housing a rocket- launcher.

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