What’s your favorite silent movie?

If you had to pick one silent movie as your all-time favorite, what would it be? Inquiring minds wish to know!

This isn’t the “best” silent movie of all time or anything like that. It’s the one that, if someone put a gun to your head (how rude!), you would choose as your best beloved. Obviously, this is personal taste and there are no wrong answers. It is also likely that your choices will be helpful to silent film newbies looking for recommendations.

My favorite silent movie is, of course, Michael Strogoff. (You can read my complete top ten here.) It has action, intrigue, epic scale and Ivan Mosjoukine looking all scruffy and scrummy.

(Alas, it is not on home video so if your friendly local silent venue is playing it, jump at the chance!)


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  1. AntiqueSounds

    I really want to see this Mosjoukine movie! I bet it would make my top list. Still no DVD of it yet?? I love his stuff.
    The Phantom Carriage and La Roue are two of my favorites.

  2. popegrutch

    Wow, what an impossible choice to make. I guess…maybe…”The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”(?) I feel sort of gauche picking something so obvious, but I think it’s the one I’ve watched most. That, or maybe a good Harold Lloyd feature. Today I’ll say “The Kid Brother” could be it, subject to change the next time I get around to watching “The Freshman” or “Girl Shy.”

  3. CentimeterPictures

    I could watch Thief of Bagdad on repeat. Plus Ben Hur, Napoleon, Faust, and Die Nibelungen. Sucker for the epics.

  4. Scott Lueck

    The 1913 film Traffic in Souls, believe it or not. I first saw this film in a grad level film class back in 1993, and for some reason it just fascinated me. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been somewhat attracted to lurid subject matter; or maybe it’s because the instructor for that particular class was Ben Brewster, who has written extensively on the film; or maybe it’s because I find the nickelodeon/early feature era interesting; but Traffic is one of those movies I can watch again and again.

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