Fun Size Review: Heart of Wetona (1919)

There are bad movies and then there are movies that are so bad that they are accidental masterpieces. This is one of those movies. The plot revolves around Norma Talmadge, a Native American (!) woman who has been no better than she ought and ends up in a marriage of convenience with a very embarrassed Thomas Meighan. The title cards are masterpieces of hilarity and the clueless plot makes this one for the ages. High recommended.


How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

Norma and Tommy discover they are really in love after all! And Norma’s dad shoots the cad who started all the trouble.

Read my full-length review here. I had difficulty typing between fits of giggling.

Availability: Released on DVD.


  1. Donnie Ashworth

    I’m glad you’re bringing this great review back into the spotlight. That is some of the wittiest and funniest writing I’ve seen. The photo captions are especially entertainin. The Mentos one is my favorite. 🙂

    1. Fritzi Kramer

      Silent movie audiences were adept lipreaders so while stars later claimed that they could say anything they liked, it had to fit the titles on the screen. (Or add to them, as Gloria Swanson did in “Sadie Thompson”)

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