In which I am ill

Think Lillian's fragile? Just try messing with her performances.

Hey everyone. I usually try to keep personal matters out of the blog but some things have come up. I have been dealing with a few health issues for some time and I had a recent flair-up. Yesterday was a bad day and I realized that I needed to slow down my schedule a little. Here’s what all this means in plain English:

The Blogathon: I have stepped down as co-hostess but Janet of Sister Celluloid is still on duty. Please be sure to support her, it’s her first time hosting. Any questions and submissions will be forwarded to her.

The Blog: I have a backlog of GIFs, reviews, recipes and other goodies. I am confident that I will be feeling better before these run out but please be patient if there is a delay in posts.

Videos: I am going to be taking a hiatus from video reviews and the Dear Movies Silently series until after the first of the new year.

Thanks so much for reading and understanding!

(Update: Just to clarify, I write reviews and other posts weeks and sometimes months in advance. For example, my recent Peter Pan review was written in July. Basically, I will try to continue to daily posts with the things I have already written and hope to be better before they run out.)


  1. geelw

    Okay, was it the Crawford recipe that did you in, dear? Anyway, do take care of yourself, as we kind of need your encyclopedia-sized brain keeping us well-fed on the silent scene.

  2. Lea S.

    You definitely deserve to take a little time to rest–if I ever tried to have a daily post schedule for even a quarter of the time you have, my head would probably explode! 😉 Feel better soon!

  3. sistercelluloid

    Not to put any Warner-Baxter-to-Ruby-Keeler-style pressure on you or anything, but the classic film community needs you! So get well soon!

    I would say “you’ve got to come back a star,” but you already are one! Not just for your incredible knowledge, style and wit, but for your genuine kindness and heart.

    So just let me join the throng sending warm wishes your way! And thank you for your help and support!! ❤

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