Theme Month! March 2013: I Loved a German

Welcome to the very first Theme Month here at Movies, Silently! The theme for March 2013 is “I Loved a German”

Throughout the month, I am going to review movies that involve Germans in love. We will be looking at propaganda pictures, dramas, comedies and maybe an adventure or two.

Review #1: Over My Dead Body, or, The German Lover as Propaganda

The Little American (1917)

A rare collaboration between Cecil B. DeMille and Mary Pickford. Her German romance is used as a prop in a particularly unpleasant propaganda film from World War One.

Review #2: Um, sorry about that whole “Hun” thing, or, The German Lover as an Apology

Barbed Wire (1927)

Pola Negri takes the lead in this tale of a Frenchwoman whose farm is turned into a POW camp and whose hatred of Germans melts when she falls for Clive Brook’s handsome soldier.

Review #3: American Money-German Title, or, Turnabout is fair play

The Oyster Princess (1919)

Another tale of love but this time with German talent both behind and before the camera. Ernst Lubitsch directs this affectionate satire of American wealth and penniless German nobility.

Review #4: Weimar Madness, or, The Germans take on love

The Wildcat (1921)

This time German filmmaker Ernst Lubitsch turns the very notion of Hollywood romance on its head, playing with archetypes and producing on the the maddest of madcap love stories.

I hope you enjoy the four reviews and four films featured for this month. There will be a new theme for April. I won’t give it away entirely but it involves fencing, fighting, revenge…

And so “I Loved a German” month ends…


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