That’s the tomato for me! Animated GIF


Elmer Booth’s Cagney-esque turn in The Musketeers of Pig Alley (or is James Cagney Booth-esque?) stands out as one of the best performances of the nickelodeon era. In this case, he has made the decision that Lillian Gish is just the gal for him. Booth’s friend is played by future cowboy star Harry Carey. Harry overdid his scruffy makeup a bit, don’t you think.

On a side note, this is also just about how I act when I see a menu advertising flourless chocolate cake.


So long, you nuts. Animated GIF


Another wonderful Elmer Booth moment from The Musketeers of Pig Alley. Lillian Gish is the tomato of his dreams but she just wants to be pals. Oh well, plenty more fish in the sea, I guess.

Booth played Gish’s loving brother in An Unseen Enemy, her movie debut, and Mary Pickford’s ex-con husband in The Narrow Road. He would have likely been in demand during the gangster boom of the 20’s but tragically lost his life in a 1915 car accident. The driver, director Tod Browning, had been driving while intoxicated and was seriously injured.

While he did not make his mark on feature films, we still have Booth’s signature role to remember him by.

You’re a bunch of swell mugs! Animated GIF

musketeers-of-pig-alley-lillian-gish-dw-griffith-swell-job-partnerThis goes out to all the participants who worked so hard to make the Gish Sisters Blogathon a success. And it is especially for Lindsey of The Motion Pictures. We battled spotty internet, work and class schedules (among other things) but the whole event turned out to be fun, informative and an enormous success. Thank you so much for being a great co-hostess!

I thank you. Elmer Booth thanks you. (The GIF is from The Musketeers of Pig Alley)

Lillian Gish, the fragile flower battered by the cruel winds of fate. Sigh. Animated GIF

musketeers-of-pig-alley-lillian-gish-dw-griffith-lillian-stands-up-for-herselfSee poor Lillian Gish, a damsel in distress once again! What can she possibly do when Elmer Booth (one of the screen’s first charming gangsters) tries to make her his chicken? Why, she must faint, of course!

(I hope you can see the GIF. Lillian smacks Elmer and shoves him back. Good girl!)

On a side note, Elmer Booth’s oddly made-up friend is future cowboy star and John Wayne mentor Harry Carey.