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The Silent Movie Star Sandwich Contest is on!


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The Silent Movie Makeover Tutorial (Look Like a Movie Star!) Part 2

children of eve 1915 image (24)

Silent Movie Review

Children of Eve (1915) A Silent Film Review


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Wait a sec, HE was in silent movies?


Humor, Silent Movie Rules

Silent Movie Rule #31: John Barrymore’s acting secret? Dignity. Always dignity.


Silent Movie Review

Pool Sharks (1915) A Silent Film Review

MLiss Mary Pickford 1918 (41)

Fun Size Review

Fun Size Review: M’Liss (1918)



And my 250th review will be…


Silent Movie Review

The Narrow Road (1912) A Silent Film Review

Bye bye, voice!


In which I lose my voice


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Silent Movie Rule #30: Don’t you be spreading your smallpox germs, you dern fool!

Battleship Potemkin 1925 image (63)

Fun Size Review

Fun Size Review: Battleship Potemkin (1925)

fox trot finesse 1915 image (24)

Silent Movie Review

Fox Trot Finesse (1915) A Silent Film Review

Faust cover

Unboxing the Silents

Unboxing the Silents: New edition of “Faust” on Blu-ray

three musketeers

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A huge thanks to all the Swashathon participants! You make me swoon.

fighting eagle 1927 image (43)

Silent Movie Review

The Fighting Eagle (1927) A Silent Film Review


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The Swashathon is here! Celebrate films of swashbuckling adventure


Help Wanted

Vote for your favorite Silent Sherlock Holmes!


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Cooking with the (Silent) Stars: William Gillette’s Southern Sweet Potatoes


Silent Movie Review

Sherlock Holmes (1916) A Silent Film Review


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Some of the top movie stars of 1915 in GIF form!

Who will inherit Ben-Hur's crown?

Help Wanted

Help Wanted: You choose my 250th silent film review

a fool there was 1915 image (21)

Silent Movie Review

A Fool There Was (1915) A Silent Film Review


Theme Month

Theme Month! November 2015: 100 years ago…

Delicious Little Devil 1919 image (15)

Silent Movie Review

The Delicious Little Devil (1919) A Silent Film Review

Immigrant 1917 Chaplin (20)

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“I’m waaaatching you!” Spyware in 1917


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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Backstage Blogathon

Heart of Wetona 1919 Norma Talmadge image (34)

Fun Size Review

Fun Size Review: Heart of Wetona (1919)



On Blogging: Building your brand

mystery of the leaping fish image (1)

Silent Movie Review

The Mystery of the Leaping Fish (1916) A Silent Film Review

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