I'm pretty excited about this!


Help Wanted: You choose my 200th review


Article, Silent Movie School

Silent Movie School: The squared circle of the silver screen & the Never-Ending Quest


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I love you like Antosha loves his samovar. Animated GIF


Theme Month

Theme Month! May 2015: Those Wacky Russians


Blogathon, Events

The Shorts Blogathon is here!

antosha ruined by a corset 1916 image (11)

Silent Movie Review

Antosha Ruined by a Corset (1916) A Silent Film Review


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All fans of Laurel and Hardy know that she is not a woman to be trifled with. Animated GIF

pasty 1928 image (15)

Silent Movie Review

The Patsy (1928) A Silent Film Review


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Now if you will excuse me, SOME of us have work to do. Animated GIF


Silent Movie Review, Silents vs Talkies

The White Devil (1930) A Silent Film Review


Blogathon, Events

The Shorts Blogathon is this weekend!


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So then my website looked like THIS! Animated GIF


Blog, News

We’ve got a new look, a Liebster Award and lots of great stuff in the pipeline

Pola dressed to kill.

Article, Blog, Feature, Photoplay Cookbook

Photoplay Cookbook: Pola Negri’s Banana Trifle


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This is me when I am reviewing a really, really bad movie. Animated GIF


Article, Blog, Silent Movie School

Silent Movie School: The limping little brother of written literature, eyelid wiggles and Movie Terminology 101


Blog, GIF, Humor

Behold! My sea of swords, which I do not plan to use for any violence whatsoever. Animated GIF

polish dancer 1917 image (1)

Blog, Feature, Silent Movie Review

The Polish Dancer (1917) A Silent Film Review


Blog, GIF, Humor

Why seeing silent dramas helps you to appreciate silent comedies. Animated GIF


Blog, Humor, Silent Movie Rules

Silent Movie Rule #20: Sessue Hayakawa will always out-act you. Just get used to that fact.


Blog, GIF, Humor

“Golly gee willikers, what I am going to do with these rascally rapscallions?” mused Lon Chaney

A Muddy Romance 1913 image (15)

Blog, Feature, Silent Movie Review

A Muddy Romance (1913) A Silent Film Review


Article, Blog, Feature, Silent Movie School

Silent Movie School: Orientation and Introduction to the Insatiable Frankenstein Monster


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“Pipe down, Bimbo!” Animated GIF

Red Mill 1927 image (43)

Blog, Silent Movie Review

The Red Mill (1927) A Silent Film Review


Blog, Discussion, Feature

Silent Movie Music: Share your favorite scores


Article, Blog, Photoplay Cookbook

Photoplay Cookbook: Marion Davies’ Cheese Patties


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“I think I’m thinking!” Animated GIF

Yes, that Charles Vanel.

Blog, Unboxing the Silents

Unboxing the Silents: The House of Mystery


Article, Blog, Feature, Silent Movie School

Announcement of a New Feature: Silent Movie School

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