News from the Silent Movie Front: Gloria Swanson, the Old West, W.C. Fields & Lois Weber on Bluray.

Lots and lots and lots of silent movies being released soon! I’m just going to cover what’s out now and what’s coming up imminently. Hold onto your wallets!

In addition to the upcoming releases of The Covered Wagon from Kino and The Passion of Joan of Arc from the Criterion Collection, silent fans have an embarrassment of riches coming up.

Two Lois Weber Features from Milestone

Shoes is a drama dealing with social issues (Weber’s stock in trade) and has been making the festival rounds but now it’s available for purchase on DVD and Bluray. Learn more and order a copy here.

There is a delay in the release of The Dumb Girl of Portici due to a missing second disc but watch this space, I’ll let you know when it’s available.

Grapevine’s Crowdfunded Double Feature

Grapevine successfully crowdfunded Uncle Tom’s Cabin late last year and now the 1903 and 1914 films are available on DVD and Bluray to the general public. Learn more and order here.

Two W.C. Fields Films in March

Kino will be releasing a pair of W.C. Fields silents on March 13, 2018.

First, we have a comedy that features a certain starlet named Louise Brooks I wonder whatever became of her? Learn more and preorder here.

We also get a Fields hypnotism comedy. Huzzah! Learn more and order here.

Two Gloria Swanson Films in April

Kino has already released Swanson’s Paramount hit ZaZa and they’re following up with two more of her collaborations with director Allan Dwan. Both of these films will be available on DVD and Bluray on April 10, 2018.

We start with a showbiz film that also includes Technicolor sequences. Want! Read more and order here.

Swanson’s retail comedy is also getting some Bluray love. Learn more and order here.

There’s even more stuff in the works but I don’t want to overwhelm everyone so that’s all for today!


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  1. Dwight Davis

    Milestone offered their email newsletter subscribers (which I am one of) an opportunity to buy The Dumb Girl of Portici before the official release of the Blu-Ray and DVD. I did buy the Blu-Ray and already have it. They did send me an email saying they messed up by not including the second disc (which is bonus features about Anna Pavlova) but they will send the second disc when it is available. I did enjoy the film and was fascinated by Anna Pavlova.

  2. Eric Schultz

    I have pre-ordered both of the W. C. Fields silent films, and look forward to viewing them. I’m also curious about the new musical scores and audio commentary on each film.

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