Unboxing the Silents: Dawson City – Frozen Time

A treasure trove of silent film buried under the swimming pool of an ex-boomtown. The discovery of the Dawson City find is legendary and this acclaimed documentary tells the story of a town through the footage that was discovered there.

Thanks to Kino Lorber for a review copy! Please note that I have already reviewed this documentary and you can read all about it here.


Released on DVD and Bluray. You can also stream it but you’ll want to know about the extras first.

The Film

The Bluray looks pretty swell, I must say.


For silent film fans, the extras are the real icing on the cake. In addition to an interview with Bill Morrison, we get real, live, actual Dawson City reels! Oooo!

Obviously, these films were found under a swimming pool and will show their rough life but at least we have them. The films are presented silent.

Newsreels and Magazines

British Canadian Pathé News 81A, 1919

International News Vol. 1, Issue 52, 1919

The Montreal Herald Screen Magazine, 1919

Pathé’s Weekly #17, 1914

Narrative Films

The Butler and the Maid, Thomas A. Edison Inc., 1912

This fragment is in rough shape but we get to see Jeanie Macpherson as the maid!

Brutality, D.W. Griffith, Biograph Company, 1912

The ending seems to be missing from this rare Mae Marsh film.

The Exquisite Thief, Tod Browning, Universal Film Manufacturing Company Inc., 1919

Only reel two of this one but a chance to see Priscilla Dean in her bad girl prime.

The Girl of the Northern Woods, Thanhouser, 1910

A six-minute fragment of this rare film.

Wonderful stuff and an ideal accompaniment for Dawson City: Frozen Time.


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  1. Ross

    Crossing my fingers for a region B Blu-ray soon. I may have to wait until after a UK theatrical exhibition splash. I have seen it in a cinema in Sydney, though, and it’s running in an art museum festival in Brisbane soon. Highly recommended.

  2. ostjudebarbie

    i found out that the “dawson city” documentary was screening in my town totally by accident – what luck!! i really enjoyed it. of course it’d be even better to see some of the actual films *in* the documentary but i have seen pieces of “decasia” so i knew i was in for a treat.

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