Theme Month! August 2016: These United States

Pack your bags, kids, we’re going on a tour of the USA and we’re using silent films as our guide!

Okay so we won’t get to all fifty but we will be visiting some regions that are not exactly famous for their filmmaking.

Everyone knows about Hollywood and the movie industry of California. Silent movie fans will be familiar with the early film powerhouses in New York and New Jersey. Amateur historians will know about the films shot in Florida and Chicago. These are all worthy topics but I think we can do a little better in the obscurity department.

We’re going on a trip!

The silent era was not all about the big studios. There were also freewheeling independent concerns. Some made films to celebrate local history and culture, some were itinerant moviemakers who sold entire towns a shot at silver screen stardom of a kind. These films are valuable time capsules that capture details of a lost era in areas that were not often seen in the movies.

My criteria for selection: The movie must have been shot away from the main hubs of the film industry, preferably 100% on location. I have a nice variety all lined up and I hope you will enjoy the journey.

In the meantime, check out my reviews of Annabelle Lee (an independent production shot in Martha’s Vineyard) and The Curse of Quon Gwon (an independent Chinese-American production shot outside of San Francisco).


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