Peck’s Bad Boy (1921) A Silent Film Review

Fresh off his wildly successful debut opposite Chaplin in The Kid, Jack Coogan starred in an adaptation of the popular Peck’s Bad Boy stories, which concerns the antics of a child who can charitably be described as the devil’s spawn. If this film proves one thing, it’s that our definition of a “bad boy” has changed enormously since 1921.

I will also be reviewing the 1934 remake starring Jackie Cooper and Thomas Meighan. Click here for the talkie.

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A silent film proto-noogie, Animated GIF


Nell Shipman is absolutely adorable in Back to God’s Country and I have the GIF to prove it! Just look at her reaction to her husband (Wheeler Oakman) when he doesn’t pay enough attention to her. A well-placed noogie can take care of many issues. (Technically, she did not use her knuckles but I think the result is the same. Anyway, do you really want to start arguing about noogies?)

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