Doesn’t it just boil you in ecstasy? Animated GIF


These days, if a party girl mentions boiling in ecstasy, we have a rather different and more, er, chemical definition in mind. Back in the twenties, though, ecstasy was just ecstasy. Still, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t giggle just a little at the linguistic shift that has taken place over the last eighty-five years.

This GIF is from Bare Knees, one of the better flapper flicks of the late silent era. Former child star Virginia Lee Corbin takes the lead and proves conclusively that she is all grown up. Jane Winton is her fuddy-duddy sister, who is actually the wilder of the pair when the sun goes down. (You can read my review here.)

Availability: You can snag a copy on DVD.

Silent Take: “Enchanted” circa 1918

After completing posters for the silent Nolan Batman trilogy and working on my designs for James Bond and Indiana Jones, I am a burned out on male-led blockbusters. So, how’s about some girl stuff? Enchanted is, of course, a clever 2007 send-up by Disney about Disney. I have to confess that I am not an enormous fan of Disney films in general but I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

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Fun Size Review: Bare Knees (1928)

Virginia Lee Corbin is a Charleston-dancing, back-baring, perfume-splashing, lingerie-buying, hair-bobbing, baseball-playing Jazz baby. When she returns home to live with her stodgy sister and equally stodgy brother-in-law, she finds herself causing scandals everywhere she goes. At her heart, though, Virginia is an old-fashioned girl. But her sister has a few secrets (and boyfriends) of her own. Which sister was the wild one again? If you want a movie that captures the spirit of the Jazz Age, this is it.

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