After the Silents: Rawhide (1951)

Welcome back! In this series, I discuss the careers of silent movie personnel during the talkie era. In this case, director Henry Hathaway, who worked his way up from chair boy (more on that later) and assistant director in the silents to major studio director in the talkie era. The film in question is Rawhide, a relatively underrated western with more in common with gangster films than other oaters.

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Fun Size Review: Sweet Alyssum (1915)

Tyrone Power, Sr. made the jump from stage to screen and this is one of his earliest surviving roles. The plot is just nuts. It starts out as a morality play, complete with a silky seducer and a wayward wife, before turning into a story about oil wells and a framed bank clerk on the run. However, Power does not disappoint and fans of his famous son will likely enjoy seeing him in action.
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The Mark of Zorro (1920) A Silent Film Review

Douglas Fairbanks stars in the very first Zorro movie. The tale is familiar: Zorro is a Californian Robin Hood, who robs from the rich, gives to the poor, fights oppression, romances the beautiful Lolita and does battle with the villainous Captain Ramon. And, this being a Fairbanks vehicle, there is quite a lot of leaping about in the bargain!
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