Fun Size Review: Heart of Wetona (1919)

There are bad movies and then there are movies that are so bad that they are accidental masterpieces. This is one of those movies. The plot revolves around Norma Talmadge, a Native American (!) woman who has been no better than she ought and ends up in a marriage of convenience with a very embarrassed Thomas Meighan. The title cards are masterpieces of hilarity and the clueless plot makes this one for the ages. High recommended.

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Peck’s Bad Boy (1921) A Silent Film Review

Fresh off his wildly successful debut opposite Chaplin in The Kid, Jack Coogan starred in an adaptation of the popular Peck’s Bad Boy stories, which concerns the antics of a child who can charitably be described as the devil’s spawn. If this film proves one thing, it’s that our definition of a “bad boy” has changed enormously since 1921.

I will also be reviewing the 1934 remake starring Jackie Cooper and Thomas Meighan. Click here for the talkie.

This post is part of the They Remade What?! Blogathon. Read the other great posts here.
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M’Liss (1918) A Silent Film Review

Mary Pickford plays the title character in this wilderness curio. A wild youth living in a mining town with her father, the town drunk, M’Liss begins to appreciate civilization when she falls for the new schoolteacher, Thomas Meighan. Her life takes a turn for the tragic when her father is murdered and the crime is pinned on poor Mr. Meighan. It’s up to M’Liss (aided by the screen’s first Frankenstein monster, Charles Ogle) to save the hapless educator from a lynching.
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The Canadian (1926) A Silent Film Review

She’s a sophisticated English girl. He’s a rough-hewn Canadian wheat farmer. She needs a place to go. He needs a wife to help out at the farm. They soon find themselves in a marriage of convenience and then things take a turn for the dark. Underrated upon its initial release, this film has started to build quite a reputation for itself since its rediscovery.
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Why Change Your Wife? (1920) A Silent Film Review

It’s Gloria Swanson’s turn to be the offending party in this DeMille marital comedy. She is a lovely young prude who moralizes her husband right into the waiting arms of another woman. Only then does Gloria realize that she has made a mistake and a little romance helps in marriage. Armed with this knowledge- and a wild wardrobe- she sets out to win back her man.

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The Forbidden City (1918) A Silent Film Review

Norma Talmadge and Thomas Meighan play an ill-fated interracial couple. When their secret marriage is discovered, Talmadge is executed by the Emperor of China for daring to marry a white man. Her daughter (also Talmadge) grows up and sets out to discover her American roots. A very, very odd film, full of outdated racial views and a rather icky father-daughter relationship.

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