The Power of the Press (1928) A Silent Film Review

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in one of his breakout hits– directed by none other than Frank Capra! Doug plays a cub reporter who is desperate for a scoop. He gets it when he manages to implicate a young lady (Jobyna Ralston) in a scandalous murder. Seeing the damage he has done to innocent Jobyna, Doug sets out to catch the real killer.

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If someone ever kicks you in the pants, do the mature thing. Kick them back. Animated GIF


Douglas Fairbanks Jr. was all of 18 when he starred in The Power of the Press and does he ever act like it! This cute bit of physical comedy is from a scene where poor Doug is fired and is given the bum’s rush. However, he is not taking it lying down!

The film was a huge one for both Fairbanks and some kid director named Frank Capra.

Note: This blog does not advocate real-life pants kicking. Even when it’s hilarious!