Judith of Bethulia (1914) A Silent Film Review

Villainy is afoot in ancient Israel, the Assyrians have laid siege to a little mountain town. All seems to be lost. But the Assyrians didn’t count on a young widow named Judith (Blanche Sweet), who wields a mean saber. Will the charms of the enemy general (Henry B. Walthall) derail her plans? Or will our Assyrian lose his head over the comely widow? This is an early feature film and the start of director D.W. Griffith’s big, Big, BIG! period.
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Hold your horses, buckaroo! Animated GIF

unseen-enemy-1912-lillian-dorothy-gisg-dw-griffith-hold-your-horsesWhoa there, kid! Shop’s closed!

In An Unseen Enemy, Dorothy Gish is being courted by Bobby Harron. Just because he is her boyfriend, however, doesn’t mean he can get all romantic with her.

This was Dorothy’s very first film but she is already a lively and charming presence.