Fun Size Review: Regeneration (1915)

Think gangster films first came along in the early 1930s? Think again! They were present from the very earliest motion picture days and Regeneration is one of the first gangster features. It was directed by some guy named Raoul Walsh.

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Silent movie stars with kittens! Lots of kittens! That is all.

It’s a well-documented fact that cats are the best pet on the internet but did you know that silent movies got in on the act? Sure, dogs did the whole Rin-Tin-Tin thing but kittens could steal the show just by being kittens.

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Regeneration (1915) A Silent Film Review

Raoul Walsh remains one of the most influential directors of the gangster film genre and he was already practicing his craft back in 1915. This is a film about the then-hot topic of poverty cycles and the redemption of career criminals. Walsh filmed on location to ensure that his picture had the proper amount of grit.
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