Joan the Woman (1916) A Silent Film Review

Cecil B. DeMille’s first historical epic takes on the life of Joan of Arc. An intriguing, uneven and thoroughly entertaining spectacle, the films stars operatic soprano Geraldine Farrar as the doomed Maid of Orleans and the tragic Wallace Reid as her chief antagonist and romancer-in-chief. What’s that? The real Joan didn’t have a romancer-in-chief? La la la la, not listening!
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I done my best, pardner, but we’ve been robbed! Animated GIF

romance-of-the-redwoods-mary-pickford-cecil-b-demille-weve-been-robbedI love this title card. I wish I could find an excuse to say it in the real world. While making a sweeping gesture and looking dramatically at the rafters, of course.

It’s from A Romance of the Redwoods. The little fellow is Raymond Hatton and that is Mary Pickford on the far right. It’s all about stagecoach bandits and such. Mary is in a pickle because she happens to be kinda-dating the bandit in question.

The Little American (1917) A Silent Film Review

Mary Pickford joins the war effort in this collaboration with director Cecil B. DeMille. One woman, two armies, oh dear. Pickford plays Angela, an American girl so patriotic that she contrived to be born on Independence Day. However, she is in favor of outsourcing her love life: her two suitors are French and German respectively. But then that pesky war starts, both men are called up to serve and Angela must choose her side. 

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