Fun Size Review: The Trail of ’98 (1928)

Berna and Ralph get all intense.

Epic Alaskan prospectin’ movie that proved all too real when some of the more dangerous stunts cost lives. Typical “boy meets girl, boy gets gold fever, boy gets girl back” sort of story. Leading lady Dolores Del Rio is excellent as the leading lady, Tully Marshall and Karl Dane’s comedy relief is delightful and Harry Carey is an unexpectedly effective villain but leading man Ralph Forbes is in over his head. A bland affair with some highlights.


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[toggler title=”How does it end? (click here for a spoiler)” ]Ralph Forbes sets Harry Carey on fire and wins back Dolores. Tully and Karl remain zany. Oh, and everyone strikes it rich.[/toggler]

If it were a dessert it would be:

(via the Food Network)
(via the Food Network)

Vanilla Pudding. Not bad by any means but covers no new ground. Expect the expected.

Availability: Released on DVD with its original synchronized score.

The Trail of ’98 (1928) A Silent Film Review

The chaotic year of 1928 was the last gasp of the silent epic. The film industry was converting to sound but many larger films were already in production during the talkie revolution. Soon the realism and grit of silent epics would be replaced by the glossy sheen of the studio-bound talkies but the silents reigned for one more glorious year.
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