Okay, don’t panic… Just put the shoe on her foot and… RUN!!! Animated GIF

adams-rib-cinderalla-it-aintPoor Elliott Dexter! It’s Cecil B. DeMille’s Adam’s Rib and Dexter finds himself having to return a lady’s shoe to its proper place. A frightening prospects for a neurotic paleontologist. (This sequence was clearly one of the inspirations for the famous screwball comedy Bringing Up Baby.) Let’s just say that he ain’t no Prince Charming to her Cinderella. Good thing she likes him anyway.

Of course, you know they are going to end up together before the end.

You can read my review of the movie here.


Released on DVD-R by Grapevine and available for purchase in the U.S.

“You are the impertinent, inexcusable product of the movies, woman suffrage and the war!” Animated GIF

adams-rib-product-of-woman-suffrageIn Adam’s Rib, Elliott Dexter is just sick, sick, of Pauline Garron’s assertive flapper. How dare she come and make passes at a respectable paleontologist such as he? Why, it is unthinkable that any scientist of repute would ever fall for such a girl!

And, yes, they are married before the final credits.

(But come to think of it, silent movies didn’t usually have final credits. Please humor me for the sake of the metaphor.)


Released on DVD-R by Grapevine and available for purchase in the U.S.

Adam’s Rib (1923) A Silent Film Review

Cecil B. DeMille takes another stab at the domestic comedy– this time with cavemen thrown in for good measure. The tale concerns married couple on the shady side of thirty. Their union seems doomed when the wife starts stepping out with an exiled aristocrat. The couple’s teenage daughter, a modern maiden, has other ideas and she intends to save her save the marriage at any cost– all while romancing a stuffy paleontologist.
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