Silent Movie Rule #15: Dress in an outfit that is not “likely” to get you killed.


Batman, Superman, Zorro and the other caped crusaders don’t know what they’re talking about. Capes are a terrible idea! They look amazing but they are liable to get you killed. (We learned this in The Incredibles but it never hurts to repeat good advice.) Here is comedian Lupino Lane demonstrating this fact.

Now let’s move onto another fabulous fashion look that is also a deathtrap: Trains on dresses. The look great but…


Nope, nope, nope.

This is from Lupino Lane’s late-silent era short Only Me, in which he plays every single part. It’s quite cute.

(You can read my full-length review here.)

Availability: Only Me is available as part of the Slapstick Encyclopedia box set, which has been reissued in bargain format.

By the seat of his pants indeed! Animated GIF


Lupino Lane once more delights with his cute physical comedy. In this case, he helps himself into a theater box with a judicious yank on the seat of his pants.

This is from Only Me, a delightful comedy short in which Mr. Lane plays every single role.

I have mentioned it before but it is worth repeating: Lupino Lane (born Henry George Lupino) was not Ida Lupino’s uncle, as he is often credited, but her second cousin. The Lupinos were a large and talented showbiz family so it is inevitable that a few mix-ups will occur. Let’s try our best to correct this one.

La la la LA LA LAAAAAAA!!! Animated GIF

Lupino Lane is at it again! This time, he is a less-than talented operatic soprano. The zoom effect just cracks me up. This is yet another persona he adopted for the comedy short Only Me.

Lane made a successful talkie transition but his stage work is supposed to be his best. A pity we cannot see it now but this will do nicely.

(He’s a cousin of Ida Lupino, by the way.)

Hey Superman, Batman, Zorro, THIS is why we don’t wear capes! Animated GIF

The cape is out of favor for everyday wear with just about everyone except those select few who wear masks or spandex as part of their day job (or who are trying to throw a pesky ring into an active volcano). The Incredibles showed us how capes can be dangerous. Lupino Lane shows us how capes can just be silly.

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