Fun Size Review: Heart of Wetona (1919)

There are bad movies and then there are movies that are so bad that they are accidental masterpieces. This is one of those movies. The plot revolves around Norma Talmadge, a Native American (!) woman who has been no better than she ought and ends up in a marriage of convenience with a very embarrassed Thomas Meighan. The title cards are masterpieces of hilarity and the clueless plot makes this one for the ages. High recommended.

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Cooking with the (Silent) Stars: Norma Talmadge’s Vegetable Salad

Welcome back! I am cooking my way through the 1929 Photoplay cookbook (recipes of the stars!) and you are invited to tag along. (I have listed all the recipes I have tested on this dedicated page. Check back often.) Today, we will be testing a recipe from one of the biggest silent stars whose career has been almost forgotten.

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The Social Secretary (1916) A Silent Film Review

Mayme (Norma Talmadge) can’t keep a job. She’s far too pretty, you see, and the bosses won’t leave her alone. Meanwhile, the de Puyster family can’t keep a secretary. They’re far too pretty and get married. You can see where this one is going. Erich von Stroheim supports as a paparazzo. Light-hearted fun but questionable gender politics.
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The Forbidden City (1918) A Silent Film Review

Norma Talmadge and Thomas Meighan play an ill-fated interracial couple. When their secret marriage is discovered, Talmadge is executed by the Emperor of China for daring to marry a white man. Her daughter (also Talmadge) grows up and sets out to discover her American roots. A very, very odd film, full of outdated racial views and a rather icky father-daughter relationship.

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