The Wishing Ring (1914) A Silent Film Review

In ye olde merrie Englande (that mystical place of superfluous letters), a wastrel of a college student pulls one prank too many and is kicked out of both school and home. He ends up falling for the local parson’s daughter, who makes it her mission to reconcile father and son. Oh, and she thinks she has a magic wishing ring. What? Doesn’t everyone?

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Fun Size Review: Lorna Doone (1922)

lorna doone

A classic tale of romance and revenge set in Restoration Scotland. Sumptuously directed by Maurice Tourneur and starring the popular Madge Bellamy and John Bowers, the story manages to both drag and move too quickly. It’s gorgeous to look at but ultimately a bit of a bore. Worth seeing for the cinematography. And no, cookies do not figure into the plot at any point.

If it were a dessert it would be:

(via the Food Network)
(via the Food Network)

Chocolate Chip Shortbread. The lily is thoroughly gilded, painted and otherwise over-buttered.

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Alias Jimmy Valentine (1915) A Silent Film Review

Jimmy Valentine (Robert Warwick) belongs to a gang of bank-robbers– his job is to crack safes and he is the best in the business. After a stint in Sing Sing, however, Jimmy sees the error of his ways and decides to live an honest life. However, his old nemesis Doyle (Robert Cummings), a surly detective, has a chance to haul Jimmy in on an old charge. Will Jimmy’s life of honesty go to waste? Or will he be able to bluff his way to freedom?

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