Fun Size Review: Souls for Sale (1923)

A behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood and how it’s the lovey-bestest place to work in the whole, wide world and no one has any skeletons in their closet, nosirree, they work so gosh-darn hard that they haven’t time! Industry propaganda from a time when scandal threatened the very foundation of American motion pictures. The schizophrenic plot also involves a serial killer, so there’s that. Excellent cast (Richard Dix, Mae Busch, Billy Haines) can’t save this picture from its own wild inconsistencies.

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Silent Take: “24” circa 1927

I have branched into television! Action show 24 reimagined as a 1927 serial.

I must ask for more indulgence than usual with this poster. It is highly unlikely that top-tier actors would consent to appear in a serial. This is make-believe so I hope you forgive me. Rugged Milton Sills is just so perfect for the part! The bad guys won’t stand a chance and, best of all, he can act!

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