The Soul of the Beast (1923) A Silent Film Review

Madge Bellamy plays a circus performer who escapes from her evil step-father into the Canadian wilderness by riding away on her slang-talkin’ elephant named Oscar when the big top is blown down in a freak storm. Once free, she is mistaken for the antichrist and subsequently enslaved by a French-speaking café owner who forces her to pluck geese but everything is okay because she falls for a handsome violinist with only one good foot and a pet rabbit named Napoleon. As one does.
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Fun Size Review: Lorna Doone (1922)

lorna doone

A classic tale of romance and revenge set in Restoration Scotland. Sumptuously directed by Maurice Tourneur and starring the popular Madge Bellamy and John Bowers, the story manages to both drag and move too quickly. It’s gorgeous to look at but ultimately a bit of a bore. Worth seeing for the cinematography. And no, cookies do not figure into the plot at any point.

If it were a dessert it would be:

(via the Food Network)
(via the Food Network)

Chocolate Chip Shortbread. The lily is thoroughly gilded, painted and otherwise over-buttered.

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