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Cooking with the (Silent) Stars: The Lillian Gish Sandwich


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Silent Movie Rule #26: The correct answer to “there’s a strange man in the house” is not “oh goody!!!”


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Hello, would you like a hug-me-tight? … Why am I being arrested? Animated GIF


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Stop burying bodies in the back yard! How many times? Animated GIF


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Insult most in need of revival: Miss Sly Boots. Animated GIF


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Come away from the nasty man, Animated GIF

Lillian Gish and Margaret Chute on location.

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Silent Movie Myth: “The Wind” had a happy ending slapped on and is too… windy


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So long, you nuts. Animated GIF


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You’re married to that guy? I mean, you’re really married to THAT guy? Animated GIF


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There’s a strange man in the house. Yippeee! Animated GIF

An Unseen Enemy 1912 Lillian and Dorothy Gish D.W. Griffith, Robert Harron, Elmer Booth, Silent Movie Review

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An Unseen Enemy (1912) A Silent Film Review


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Lillian Gish, the fragile flower battered by the cruel winds of fate. Sigh. Animated GIF

Gish sisters blogathon

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The latest and Gishiest news! Gish Sisters Blogathon Schedule

Gish Sisters Blogathon

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The Gish Sisters Blogathon: The Countdown Begins!

Gish Sisters Blogathon

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The Gish Sisters Blogathon!


Fun Size Review

Fun Size Review: Way Down East (1920)

lillian gish charles affron


Silent Movie Bookshelf: Lillian Gish, Her Legend Her Life by Charles Affron

the wind 1928 image (21)

Fun Size Review

Fun Size Review: The Wind (1928)

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Silent Movie Star Mini Biography: Lillian Gish

Double Feature, Silent Movie Review

Way Down East (1920) A Silent Film Review

the wind 1928 image (26)

Silent Movie Review

The Wind (1928) A Silent Film Review

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