Silent Movie Rule #5: Always date a woman with a mean right hook


Leatrice Joy and William Boyd show Walter Long what’s what in Eve’s Leaves. Poor Bill was kidnapped by pirates but Leatrice was on hand to save the day. The pair fell in love over a mutual love of apples and a talent for punching villains. The movie is not politically correct by any means but features one of the most empowered heroines of the silent era.

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Silent Movie Time Capsule: John Gilbert’s daughter posed with her mother, Leatrice Joy


Here is a lovely image from 1925 (published in Photoplay) of Leatrice Joy posing with Leatrice, Jr. Little Leatrice’s father was, of course, John Gilbert.

A quick note on the name that mother and daughter share. According to IMDB, Leatrice was going to be Beatrice until her mother remembered that her baby’s father had an old flame named Beatrice. So, she went down the alphabet until she found a letter that would change the name but keep the basic sound.

Leatrice, Sr. was a charming comedienne and one of the most stylish women of the silent screen. If you want to see the twenties roar, she is your girl.

Leatrice, Jr. would go on the be an author and one of her father’s staunchest defenders. She was instrumental in debunking the pernicious myth that John Gilbert’s career died because he had a funny voice. Hats off to her!