Now THAT is how you throw a tantrum! Animated GIF


Tantrums are highly underrated. A correctly timed one can put your point across rather nicely. Of course, a badly timed one will make you look like a nut. Know the difference

Rosemary Theby is teaching Elinor Fair a lesson she won’t soon forget! This is from Kismet, which was based on the play of the same name that inspired the stage musical and its subsequent movie adaptation. There was also a version with Ronald Colman and Marlene Dietrich in the mix. The silent version is all but forgotten but I think it is the best of the lot, that is, if you go in for a bit of Arabian Nights-style entertainment.

It’s a lot of fun and well worth watching, if for no other reason than seeing where The Sheik ripped off title cards. (You can read my review of Kismet here.)


The unintentional script improvement, Animated GIF

kismet-1920-otis-skinner-trafficked-with-a-beggarThe term “trafficking” is now used almost exclusively to describe smuggling of both drugs and humans. Back when Kismet was made, however, it could also mean any interaction between two people.

This knowledge does not stop me from finding this scene hilarious.

Otis Skinner’s beggar posed as a rich man and Rosemary Theby’s aging beauty romances him to teach her husband a thing or two. This GIF is taken from the point when Rosemary discovers her error and dumps Otis. The situation is intentionally humorous but it is also funny due to Theby’s overwrought acting and shifts in language.