Curses! Foiled again! (Ladies edition) Animated GIF


Theda Bara was the most famous vamp but she wasn’t the only femme fatale unleashing her wiles on the populace of 1915. Many a sloe-eyed maiden decided to unleash her inner vampire in response to the craze. Louise Glaum was hard at work, silly headdress in place, evening gown dry cleaned and stiletto at the ready. In this case, she has discovered that her prey (William S. Hart?!!) is interested in another woman.

“Curses! Foiled again!”

This is from Keno Bates, Liar, a very strange film indeed. Miss Glaum actually steals the show. Read my review here.

Availability: Released as part of a Hart/Western disc by Alpha. The quality is so-so but the price has been as low as $1-2. The film is given its re-release title, The Last Card.

Keno Bates, Liar (1915) A Silent Film Review

William S. Hart is the proprietor of a successful gambling house. Some clown gets the brilliant idea of robbing him at gunpoint. This goes over about as well as you might expect. The problem? The dead man’s innocent and penniless sister is on her way to town. Hart has to do a whole heap of lying to keep her from finding out about her brother’s disgrace.

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