The Unknown (1927) A Silent Film Review

Lon Chaney plays a serial killer with two thumbs on one hand who hides out from the cops by posing as an armless knife-thrower in a traveling circus. He falls in love with Joan Crawford, who is afraid of men’s hands. After strangling her father, Chaney decides to cut off his own arms for real in order to win Crawford’s love, as one does. Chaos ensues. I did not make any of that up.
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Joan Crawford isn’t sure what she’s doing here. Animated GIF

We all have to start somewhere. That truism certainly applied to Joan Crawford’s early career. Most films stars (assuming they didn’t have billionaire producers for fathers) have to do their share of minor, oddball and stupid before they hit the big time but I think Crawford deserves some kind of medal for her work in The Boob.

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