Well, have you ASKED the sun to shine? Animated GIF


I am not a fan of summer but now that winter is here, I am immediately complaining about the cold. I have been saving this GIF for a rainy, miserable day like this. It’s from The Doll. The sniveling hero (I don’t mean that as an insult, he really does snivel) has fallen into a pond so he and his mother are doing their best to be sure he does not die from the cold.

Don’t yell at inanimate objects because, in addition to looking crazy, you may be shocked to discover that “inanimate” can yell back! Animated GIF

doll-ernst-lubitsch-ossi-oswalda-silent-movie-animated-dont-yell-at-ossiAnother charmer from The Doll. Hermann Thimig thinks that Ossi Oswalda is just a doll and decides to take his frustrations out on her. Bad idea. You do not yell at Ossi. Ever. Poor Hermann does not stand a chance against this petite ball of fire.

I think we can safely say that she won the argument.


Released both digitally and on DVD by Kino-Lorber and available for purchase in the U.S.

The Doll (1919) A Silent Film Review

Ernst Lubitsch directs this fractured fairy tale concerning a coddled young man who wants to avoid marriage at all costs– and he is willing to purchase an elaborate mechanical doll to pose as his wife. Petite charmer Ossi Oswalda co-stars as both the doll and the live girl it was modeled after. When the doll is accidentally broken, Ossi must take its place at the wedding. I can’t possibly imagine anything going wrong with this scenario.
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“Always dust her well” Animated GIF


It’s early Lubitsch but his touch is there, right down to the clever intertitles. After all, this is what every father says when he is sending off his only child, right?

Background: In The Doll, dollmaker Hilarius has just inadvertently sold his daughter to a customer. She was taking the place of a broken model for a demonstration but Hermann Thimig was so pleased that he bought the mechanical woman on the spot. Obviously, chaos ensues.


Released both digitally and on DVD by Kino-Lorber and available for purchase in the U.S.