Harold Lloyd takes malicious glee in the misfortunes of others. Animated GIF


Harold Lloyd has his mischief face on. I can relate. This is exactly me when the rude lady at Starbucks trips and spills her venti soy no-sugar no-whip extra powder green tea blended whatsit over herself. This is me when the road rage-filled driver who is terrorizing the freeway gets pulled over by a stealth car. It’s also me when the guy shouts “Do you know who I am?” and, honestly, no one does.

Yup, Harold nails it. (This is from Haunted Spooks. You can read my review here.)

Availability: You can see it lots of places but I highly recommend The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection. You get the most Lloyd bang for your buck (most of his 20s features and a good number of his short films) in some very high-quality editions with delightful music.

You have shattered Harold Lloyd’s illusions. I hope you’re satisfied. Animated GIF


This reaction shot makes me laugh every time I see it. Part of it is because Harold Lloyd is just really good at looking annoyed and part of it is because I think we have all been there. You thought you had seen everything and then… THIS happens. THIS being something stupid, weird or just plain deranged. For example, that was my reaction when I discovered that people did, in fact, think that women being tied to the tracks in silent movies was a thing. It wasn’t a thing. Why do people keep thinking it was a thing?

(The GIF is from Haunted Spooks, which I reviewed here.)

Availability: While there are many editions of the movie to be had, I prefer the one found on Volume 3 of the Harold Lloyd collection. Get the whole three-volume box, if you have the cash. Well worth it and a steal if you factor in the movie-to-dollar ratio.

Haunted Spooks (1920) A Silent Film Review

After losing another of the only girls he ever loved, Harold Lloyd decides to end it all. That doesn’t work out so well but another proposition turns up. Mildred Davis is a young lady who needs a husband in order to qualify for her inheritance, an old southern mansion. The problem is that the mansion has some other residents of a… ghostly persuasion.

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