Ladies, admit you would do this if you had the money. Animated GIF


There are certain truths that are known to all but never spoken out loud. This is one of them. Go on, confess! If you had the cash, you would hire a couple of guys in crisp cotton shirts to carry you around like the boxing champ you are.

This is from East and West, a delightful Yiddish comedy about the American and Polish branches of a family coming face-t0-face for the first time in decades. Culture clashes and chaos ensues. Molly Picon (Yente the matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof) knocks ’em dead (literally) as the amateur pugilist heroine from the U.S. of A.

(You can read my full-length review here.)

Availability: East and West is available on DVD directly from the National Center for Jewish Film.

East and West (1923) A Silent Film Review

A wealthy Polish-American businessman returns to the old country after a long absence. He brings along his spunky daughter (Yiddish stage legend Molly Picon), an irreverent practical joker and amateur pugilist. She wins the heart of a shy, dour Talmudic scholar (Picon’s real-life husband, Jacob Kalich) but when a mock wedding goes too far, they find themselves locked in an uncomfortable match. Will east and west ever find a way to bridge the divide?
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