The Soul of the Beast (1923) A Silent Film Review

Madge Bellamy plays a circus performer who escapes from her evil step-father into the Canadian wilderness by riding away on her slang-talkin’ elephant named Oscar when the big top is blown down in a freak storm. Once free, she is mistaken for the antichrist and subsequently enslaved by a French-speaking café owner who forces her to pluck geese but everything is okay because she falls for a handsome violinist with only one good foot and a pet rabbit named Napoleon. As one does.
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The Woman in the Suitcase (1920) A Silent Film Review

In a grisly tale of madness and murder, the dismembered body… Just funnin’ ya! The title is a bit deceptive as it is a picture of a woman that ends up in a suitcase. The plot can best be described as The Women meets The Parent Trap as Enid Bennett plays detective and tries to track down her father’s mistress to save her family.
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