Fun Size Review: Parisian Love (1925)

Parisian Love 1925 Clara Bow Silent Movie Review
Clara was a very busy woman.

Clara Bow is the only thing that makes this faux French romance worth seeing. A gangster gal with a heart of pyrite, Clara’s boyfriend is kidnapped by an eccentric rich guy who is determined to make an honest man of him. Clara responds with staging a seduction of her own. None of this is as fun as it sounds. A low budget bore but Clara is a gem.

parisian-love-clara-blow-1925-silent-movie-bye-bye [toggler title=”How does it end? (click here for a spoiler)” ]Clara gets shot by her old gang on her wedding day (to the rich guy) but her old boyfriend recognizes her, there are tidy divorces and she turns out to be an aristocrat who was kidnapped as a baby and all ends with champagne and roses. Or something.[/toggler]

If it were a dessert it would be:


Faux Chicken Nuggets. Chicken or cake? Well, guessing is all the fun! Looks like one thing on the surface, is another inside. Guaranteed to disappoint or weird out anyone who tastes it.

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Clara Bow’s kiss off! Animated GIF

Clara Bow gives a not-so-fond farewell to her castmates in the poverty row potboiler Parisian Love. As was the case in so many of her early films, the plot is thin but Clara sparkles.

If you ever have to make a not-so-glamorous exit down a fire escape, channeling Clara would not be a bad idea. I mean, it’s a good thing to keep in mind, just in case. I think it always pays to be prepared.

Clara Bow, the ultimate silent damsel in distress. Animated GIF


I mean, look at this helpless maiden. It’s no wonder that silent leading ladies were always ending up on the railroad tracks.*

Clara Bow is a French Apache in the low-budget pot-boiler Parisian Love. The movie itself is laughably bad but Clara is adorable and charismatic. She also knows how to handle herself in a fight. 20’s leading ladies showed spunk that has rarely been seen before or since and Clara was one of the spunkiest.

*Dripping sarcasm

Bah! His nails were too clean. He could not live. Animated GIF

parisian-love-clara-blow-1925-silent-movie-clean-nailsMore grooming tips from the silent era. We were previously encouraged to keep our skin creamy and soft, as it would then win over Bolsheviks and render us bullet-proof. However, we now learn that while our skin must be nice, it would be foolish to keep our nails too clean.

No word as to whether Clara Bow agreed with the observation.

(This is from Parisian Love. I am just wondering if a criminal-class harridan would really know about a stylish dandy from the court of a past English prince regent.)

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Clara Bow takes on both Ernest Torrence and Percy Marmont in this battle of sexes, classes and generations. City girl Clara has married backwoodsman Torrence in haste and is at the “repenting in leisure” stage. Things perk up when Marmont shows up and Clara shows him just what made her the IT Girl. Sassy, brash and funny as anything, this film is an ideal showcase for Bow, who manages to steal the show from everyone.

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