And here’s some fairy dust for you, and you, and you… Animated GIF


A huge thanks to all the participants of The Fairy Tale Blogathon (and more posts are on the way). You did an amazing job and I have been enormously enjoying your articles and reviews.

I thought a fairy was in order, considering the subject matter. This one is from the 1914 version of Cinderella, starring Mary Pickford. Can we talk about the insane headgear of the 1910s? I know she is a fairy but that pearly headdress would not have been out of place at a dance or film premiere in 1914.

Anyway, I tip my huge, pearly headdress to you, one and all.

Mary Pickford flagrantly takes part in nose booping. Animated GIF


Though the 1914 version of Cinderella is a pretty dull affair, Mary Pickford does what she can with it. Our heroine’s footmen, you will recall, we transformed rats. Cinderella is a bit freaked about the general concept and is still not sure how everything worked. (The fairy godmother is not very good at explaining herself.) Thus, the nose boop. Well, actually a chin boop but you get the idea. (You can read my review of the film here.)

A brief explanation for international readers: If you are unfamiliar with the term, “booping” a nose is just what it sounds like. Touch the nose of a person or animal gently and say “boop” in a high-pitched voice. Generally, this is done with something or someone we deem cute or to whom we wish to condescend. In this case, Pickford engages in the far rarer curiosity boop. I do not know why we do this or how it started but it’s fun.

Availability: Cinderella is available on DVD from Milestone.