I don’t know about you but this is exactly what it is like at the dentist for me, Animated GIF


This one is from Charley Chase’s very amusing short Mighty Like a Moose. It’s also a rather accurate bit of pantomime. I have never bought into the myth of painless dentistry.

Chase’s talent for drawing humor out of everyday situations (with just a touch of the surreal added for good measure) was the very essence of the kind of humor that was Hal Roach Studio’s stock and trade. As a longtime devotee of Roach in general and Chase in particular, I am always happy to introduce people to the their charms.


Messing with someone’s head is fun! Animated GIF

mighty-like-a-moose-mad-and-wackyCharley Chase is having a bit of fun at his wife’s (Vivien Oakland) expense. I am a self-confessed Chase fanatic and I think this captures his brand of amiable zaniness rather well.

It’s from Chase’s 1926 comedy Mighty Like a Moose, which is one of his best and most famous comedy shorts.

On a side note, I absolutely adore Vivien Oakland’s super-short hair. Can you get any more twenties? And yet, if one had the right features, it would look just as amazing today.


Mighty Like a Moose has been released on DVD as part of a Charley Chase compilation.