Blackmail (1929) A Silent Film Review

Alfred Hitchcock’s triumphant return to murder and mayhem is both his final silent film and his first talkie. Anny Ondra plays a nice kid who stabs a guy to death in his bed. These things happen. Originally conceived as a silent film, Hitchcock made it a talkie with reshoots and a new voice for his Czech leading lady.

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The School for Scandal (1923) A Silent Film Review

A prim adaptation of the famous Georgian play. Apparently, the scoundrel of the tale is played by some actor with the remarkable name of Basil Rathbone. I wonder whatever became of him?

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The X-Rays (1897) A Silent Film Review

Have a spare 44 seconds? Then you may want to check out this charming trick film from 1897. A wacky scientist turns his x-ray machine onto a courting couple and the inevitable occurs. British film pioneer George Albert Smith brings his usual whimsy to the table.

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The Man with the Twisted Lip (1921) A Silent Film Review

Eille Norwood’s acclaimed take on Sherlock Holmes is the subject of today’s review. The mystery? A well-to-do businessman is seemingly murdered by a beggar and Sherlock Holmes is called in to discover the truth. In spite of its dark premise, this is one of the lighter stories in the Holmes canon.

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