What to say to people spreading germs: “Git back in your corral!” Animated GIF


Look, I know there are times when you have to go out with a cold. The world doesn’t stop just because you are sick. But I really have a problem with people going about and lavishly hacking up their germs all over everyone else. Stop that! It’s gross.

Harry Carey is trying to shoo away a fellow who may or may not have smallpox in the adorable western romantic comedy, Beyond the Border. I think I may have to make use of a newspaper and try out this line next time someone with a runny nose decides they just have to talk to me in the produce department.

(You can read my review of Beyond the Border here.)


Beyond the Border (1925) A Silent Film Review

A fun little genre mashup that is half-romantic comedy, half-western. You think it’s hard getting people to sit down for a silent movie? Honey, you ain’t seen nothing until you have tried to get them to watch a silent western. This movie is an ideal ambassador. It’s good-natured, fast-paced and leading man Harry Carey is as charming as can be.
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beyond-the-border-i-want-my-pantsSometimes silent movies have a title card that just makes me lose it. This is one such card. It’s from the 1925 Harry Carey western comedy vehicle entitled Beyond the Border. The whole movie is quite droll (Carey is a charmer) but this throwaway gag involving quarantines and strawberry allergies is the best part of the film.

(In case you are curious, Carey gets locked in a quarantined hotel because the goofy town doc diagnosed one of the guests with smallpox. It turns out that the poor man just had a strawberry allergy and is none too pleased about being locked up sans pants.)

The film is the sort of thing James Garner would make nearly half a century later. Will definitely be reviewing it soon. Plus, I’m just wild about Harry.


Released on DVD by Alpha. The print is a bit rough but the price is nice