Fun Size Review: A Cottage on Dartmoor (1929)

This stylish British suspense film concerns a jealous barber who takes a straight razor to the gentleman farmer who has the audacity to date the prettiest manicurist in the salon. Definitely worth seeing but the stylistic flair soon becomes overbearing (to an almost unintentionally funny degree) and there is a fan theory that the creepy homicidal stalking barber was just a Nice Guy pushed too far. Very victim blamey. Still, director Anthony Asquith keeps the story moving, the international cast is very good and there is some commentary on the then-inevitable sound transition.

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A Cottage on Dartmoor (1929) A Silent Film Review

The tale of an emotionally unstable barber who allows his romantic jealousy to consume him and… Advice to fellas: Don’t let the weird guy who is pining after your girlfriend give you a shave with a straight razor. Just saying. One of Anthony Asquith’s earliest films and one of Britain’s last silents. A suspenseful tale with atmosphere to burn and some very powerful performances in the mix.

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