Seven Keys to Baldpate (1917) A Silent Film Review

George M. Cohan tries his hand at the silent screen in this adaptation of his hit play. He plays a schlock writer who wagers he can create work of literature in 24-hours. Our hero goes to an isolated and deserted inn to work but of course you know he will be interrupted. By a reporter. And criminals. And a crazy hermit. Who steals corpses. Because.

I shall also be covering the 1983 remake, House of the Long Shadows. Click here to skip to the talkie.

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Love at first sight is easy. Love after a few decades… Animated GIF


Adam’s Rib was one of Cecil B. DeMille’s last silent marital comedies. While not his best, it still has its moments of wit and wisdom. Here, Anna Q. Nilsson is explaining the facts of life to her daughter. Falling in love? Easy. Staying married? Hard. Even if you are married to Milton (sigh) Sills.

However, young Tillie does not take her mother’s advice and is soon off in hot pursuit of a nebbishy paleontologist who just wants to finish his dinosaur skeleton in peace.

Hmm, now where have we heard that before?

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Curse you, beaded 1920s dresses, for ruining her fling! Animated GIF

In the 1923 marital comedy, Adam’s Rib, Anna Q. Nilsson is trying to step out on Milton Sills with Theodore Kosloff (for goodness sake, why?) but she has been given away when a string of beading catches on his tuxedo. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Twenties fashion was beaded, feathered, embroidered, laced and fringed but such finery did make illicit embraces rather risky.

That being said, Anna is just gorgeous in this film and I would kill to own any of the dresses she wears in it.


Released on DVD-R by Grapevine and available for purchase in the U.S.

Adam’s Rib (1923) A Silent Film Review

Cecil B. DeMille takes another stab at the domestic comedy– this time with cavemen thrown in for good measure. The tale concerns married couple on the shady side of thirty. Their union seems doomed when the wife starts stepping out with an exiled aristocrat. The couple’s teenage daughter, a modern maiden, has other ideas and she intends to save her save the marriage at any cost– all while romancing a stuffy paleontologist.
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