Blackmail (1929) A Silent Film Review

Alfred Hitchcock’s triumphant return to murder and mayhem is both his final silent film and his first talkie. Anny Ondra plays a nice kid who stabs a guy to death in his bed. These things happen. Originally conceived as a silent film, Hitchcock made it a talkie with reshoots and a new voice for his Czech leading lady.

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Alfred Hitchcock’s Top 10 Films (9 of them silent!)

In 1939, Hitchcock was asked to list his ten favorite films and he obliged with a very interesting selection. Not only were the films considerably happier and more innocent than what we think of as Hitchcockian fare but they were also 90% silent. Ha! Take that, talkies!

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Theme Month! July 2015: Hitch’s Picks

For the month of July, I shall be turning my site over to a Mr. Alfred Hitchcock. Let me explain. In 1939, Hitchcock was asked to list his ten favorite films. You will be delighted to know that this list contained only one talkie; the rest were silent. Further, all but two of these films not only survive, they are available on home media! The opportunity is too good to resist. This month, I will be reviewing Hitch’s picks and seeing how they measure up.

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