Fun Size Review: Forbidden Fruit (1921)

Cecil B. DeMille embraces the Cinderella story– with his own twist, of course. Agnes Ayres plays a beautiful seamstress hired as the bait in a honey trap designed to keep businessman Forrest Stanley at the negotiating table. What he doesn’t know is that she’s really married to a nasty criminal. Since this is DeMille, we also get a fairy tale fantasy sequence with see-through Rococo costumes. Silly but all in good fun.

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Video Review: The Sheik (1921) A Silent Movie Review

Here it is! My very first video review. It’s been in the works for six months and I am delighted to be finally unveiling it.

I am covering one of the most famous (and kitschiest) silent films ever made, one that even non-fans have heard about: The Sheik. I discuss the film’s background, the casting of Valentino and then launch into a review of the film itself. And all in just ten minutes? Is such a thing possible?

I hope you enjoy it!

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