Fun Size Review: A Romance of the Redwoods (1917)

romance of the redwoods

Mary Pickford and Cecil B. DeMille combined forces for the first time in this romantic melodrama and the results are mixed. Elliott Dexter is a bandit. Mary Pickford is a little lady. Can they find love? Well, you know they can but what comes first is a rather dark and brutish wooing with a dollop of sleaze. Dexter plays the Good Bad Bad Man a little too well but the film is not without its pluses and the cinematography is lovely.

If it were a dessert it would be:

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A Dirty Girl Scout. What else could it be?

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The major running gag in Cecil B. DeMille’s A Romance of the Redwoods is Mary Pickford’s character arming herself with a wee pistol, which she brandishes if threatened. This part of the film cracks me up because she is holding the thing like its a dead rat.

The movie was a punishment detail for both DeMille and Pickford. He was in hot water for the disappointing box office receipts of Joan the Woman. Pickford had meddled with the script and direction of The Poor Little Rich Girl. Of course, that film proved to be a smash hit, putting Mary back in the drivers seat and DeMille was soon back on top with the outrageous Male and Female.


I done my best, pardner, but we’ve been robbed! Animated GIF

romance-of-the-redwoods-mary-pickford-cecil-b-demille-weve-been-robbedI love this title card. I wish I could find an excuse to say it in the real world. While making a sweeping gesture and looking dramatically at the rafters, of course.

It’s from A Romance of the Redwoods. The little fellow is Raymond Hatton and that is Mary Pickford on the far right. It’s all about stagecoach bandits and such. Mary is in a pickle because she happens to be kinda-dating the bandit in question.

A Romance of the Redwoods (1917) A Silent Film Review

Mary Pickford is a naive city girl who journeys out to the redwoods to live with her uncle. What she doesn’t know is that her uncle is dead and a bandit (Elliott Dexter) has borrowed his identity as cover for his stagecoach robberies. The pair form an uneasy alliance. Mary has nowhere else to go and Elliott doesn’t dare let her leave since she can blow his cover. That romance in the title? Well, with a city girl and a bandit sharing digs, what do you think will happen?
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