Fun Size Review: Little Old New York (1923)

A cute concept that collapses under the weight of too many characters (21 in the opening credits!), too many plot threads and too many false climaxes. Marion Davies is utterly charming as an Irish girl who poses as her own brother to claim an inheritance but she is crushed under the leaden story and unimaginative direction. Also, steamships. Go head. Ask me anything about steamships.

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Fun Size Review: The Married Virgin (1918)

Featuring one of Rudolph Valentino’s earliest surviving major roles, The Married Virgin is melodrama about a he-vamp and his attempts to marry money. The film’s breathless publicity screamed that, ‘Here is a Picture that for Class in production and Novelty in Plot Leaves the Ordinary “Program Feature” without an Excuse for Existence.’ (All italics and weird capitalization theirs.)

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