Announcement: The Early Women Filmmakers Blogathon in March!

THE BLOGATHON IS HERE! Click here for the roster and all the links.

After a hiatus from blogathon hosting, I am back and rarin’ to go! I was thrilled and honored when Flicker Alley invited me to host an event in celebration of their new Early Women Filmmakers box set (it will be released May 9, 2017) and I’m sure you’ll be just as excited.

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A huge thanks to all the Backstage Blogathon participants!

Whew! What a great event! A huge thanks to everyone who took part in the Backstage Blogathon, from the wonderful participants to the loyal readers. An especially huge thanks to my co-hostess, Janet of Sister Celluloid. And another big thanks to the unsung blogathon heroes: readers who left encouraging comments or helped promote other participants’ posts on social media. I’m sure all the participants greatly appreciated your generosity.

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The Backstage Blogathon is a go!

The Backstage Blogathon has launched! We already have some wonderful participation and we truly thank you for joining out little shindig. My co-host for the event is Janet of Sister Celluloid, who uses her blog to share her love of classic film in general and velvet-voiced British actors in particular. If you are not following her already, you should start. (Online, that is.)

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Anti-Damsel Blogathon

UPDATE: Jo has posted the Saturday roster with direct links here. I have posted the Sunday roster here. Enjoy!

I’m back in the blogathon saddle and I am joined by the talented Jo of The Last Drive In. This time around, we are going to be celebrating the wonderful women of classic cinema, both real and fictional. The event will be held on August 15 & 16, 2015.

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